Beyond the Call

Beyond the Call by Chloé McFetersBeyond the Call
A Coloring Book Journal for Women Who Have Served in the Military

By: Chloé McFeters (Author), Mea Williams (Foreword)

Publication Year: 2017
Format: Print (Softcover)
Print ISBN: 9781543195200
List Price: $16.99 

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"Beyond the Call goes above and beyond in its approach toward promoting the meaningful connection between art and self-reflection through a winning combination of mesmerizing mandalas, personal testimonies, powerful affirmations, and insightful writing prompts -- proving itself far more than a coloring book for veterans. Cheers to Chloé McFeters who has forged a much needed creative, healing pathway between the heart and mind."

– Marine Corps veteran Tracy Crow, author of On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story

Separation from military service can present many opportunities and challenges, whether you were discharged recently or have been out for some time. Beyond The Call offers women Veterans a creative outlet for reflecting on those opportunities and challenges in a life-affirming way.

The mandalas and abstract patterns let your mind and senses flow with colors and creative self-discovery. The journal prompts are designed to invite you to write about your experiences and help lead you to acquire a clearer perspective on your military service and your transition to civilian life.

Beyond the Call is a portable resource for women Veterans to explore their thoughts and feelings during and after their transition from military service.

Foreword by Mea Williams

With essays by:

Heather MacArthur
Tana Plescher
Shavonne Broom
Roberta Castaneda
T’Liza Kiel