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Sherman Point Press publishes journals and books to uplift, enrich, and inspire. We believe in the power of great stories, thoughtful questions, and self-reflection to spark opportunities for learning, growth, empathy, and enjoyment.

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Our guided coloring book journals explore a broad range of topics, including creativity, aging, family caregiving, living with cancer, and more. Each journal features dozens of questions for self-exploration and abstract images and patterns for coloring.

"Beyond the Call goes above and beyond in its approach toward promoting the meaningful connection between art and self-reflection through a winning combination of mesmerizing mandalas, personal testimonies, powerful affirmations, and insightful writing prompts -- proving itself far more than a coloring book for veterans. "
Tracy Crow
Marine Corps veteran, author of five military-themed books, to include the award-winning memoir Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine

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