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Coming Through COVID-19: A Guided Coloring Book Journal for Exploring Your Pandemic Experience

For so many people around the world, life during the coronavirus pandemic can feel like being on a runaway roller-coaster ride of emotions, information, and changing plans and circumstances. We are all in this together, striving to cope with the fears, frustrations, challenges, and consequences of this unfolding global health and socio-economic crisis.

Coming Through COVID-19 offers a place to step off of the ride, a portable sanctuary for artful distraction and quiet contemplation of life in the face of the uncertainties that the pandemic presents. The journal prompts are designed to invite one to write about some of the practical and emotional aspects of your pandemic experience. The mandalas and abstract patterns offer a means to disengage from concerns and fears, freeing the mind and senses to flow with colors and creative self-discovery.

Coming Through COVID-19 is a quiet, gentle ally for reflecting on one’s personal pandemic experience and the inner strength, courage, and resilience we possess.

As a psychotherapist, I cannot think of anyone I know, clients, friends, and family alike, who is not struggling through this difficult time. As we strive to maintain our physical health during this dangerous pandemic, many of us are finding ourselves isolated, depressed, and anxious. Chloé McFeters’ COVID-19 Journal could not have come at a more important time.  Finding ourselves cut off from friends and loved ones, we have time to think…and then think some more. This lovely book allows the reader to explore their isolation, loneliness, and fears while also presenting the opportunity to identify their inner strengths in a journey of self-discovery.  — Pamela Riss M.S., LMFT

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